About Bev Meldrum


Bev Meldrum admits to being a serial social entrepreneur. She runs The Tool Factory – a social enterprise and co-operative that provides software solutions to entrepreneurs who care about more than profit. She also runs the For More Than Profit website which provides tools and resources for social entrepreneurs.

Bev is a consultant, trainer and researcher in social enterprise with over 13 years experience in the Third Sector. Originally working with young homeless people she moved on to supporting charities and social enterprises write their business plans as well as setting up a number of social enterprises along the way. Bev was a founding Partner in 2amase, a social enterprise that provided training, consultancy and research services to other social enterprises. She lectures in social enterprise at the University of East London, and previously at City University.  She also speaks and trains on social enterprise across the UK and, where she can, in hot sunny places near a beach!

She is currently working on her Phd which is looking at how social enterprise activity can be introduced into charities without them losing the balance between social and financial aims.

Bev can be contacted at The Tool Factory on (0845) 273 3834 or  by emailing bev@thetoolfactory.com

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