About This Blog

‘For More Than Profit’ is a term that we use to describe those organisations and businesses that are interested in more than just the financial bottom line.

They may be a social entrepreneurs, a social enterprise, co-operative, charity, community group, voluntary organisation, ethical business or mainstream businesses that are committed to CSR.

Whoever they are what they will all have in common is that it is more than just about profit to them – they care about their impact on their local community, the environment and the globe.

What this blog does is to give me the opportunity to share with you what I’m learning as I work through my PhD. There is some really interesting research out there on social enterprise but not all of it is accessible to those of us who are practitioners. Here on the blog we will discuss the research and thinking on social enterprise and make it relevant to what is going on on the ground.



  1. sorry but i can spek alittle english.
    It’s a god blog, very interesting, i’m a presidente a social enterpresis in Italy.
    We looking for were to improve our capacity to see the new world.

    • Thanks for your comment – your English is considerably better than my Italian. I’ll email you seperately – but we have a lot of resources for social enterprises – some might be of use to you if we can get them translated. I’ll be in touch. Bev

  2. Hi Bev,
    Excellent topic for a blog, I am embarking on my own social venture in the UK called ProsperALL, I still have along way to go before I make any significant impact, but I am going in the right direction))

    Only just found your blog, so am off to take more of a look around…

  3. Bev- a great resource! I work in the health sector, and am currently looking at setting up a social enterprise to meet some vocational needs of people I work with, who I hope can then bid for contracts with my Trust and other local organisations. My aim is to develop jobs that provide “national minimum wage or better” paid work, although I recognise that the process to get there may include developing volunteer positions. If there is anything you can think of that would be helpful, I would love to hear about it! Meanwhile, I will follow the blog..

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