Posted by: bevmeldrum | May 19, 2008

Normal Service Resumes

After a long, and unplanned, break from my blog normal service will resume from this week. We’ve been up to all sort of exciting things at The Tool Factory but more about those in future posts.

One of the things I have been doing over these last few months is teaching on the BA Social Enterprise course at the University of East London. It was thoroughly enjoyable experience teaching the students about  planning and resourcing social enterprises and social enterprise responses to employability issues.

The course is run out of the Bromley-by-Bow Centre in east London ( which is an amazing social enterprise in Bow. One of the founders of the centre, Andrew Mawson, has written a book about being a social entrepreneur called The Social Entrepreneur: Making Communities Work – I’m looking forward to reading it when I can pry it away from my colleagues.

What I was particularly encouraged about is the great people that are coming up through voluntary organisations wanting to learn more about the opportunities social enterprise can offer them. Our class of 35 students was full of individuals with great potential – these guys are our future leaders in the sector and it’s looking good.

It was also a very varied class with students in their early 20s, to certainly the oldest student I have ever taught who is over 70. Amongst our students we worked out that there were 18 nationalities represented – again this is something I find really exciting as the ideas around social enterprise are spread into every community.

Today is their final hand-in day for their coursework and I’m actually looking forward to reading all that these guys have written … although half-way through marking their 175 pieces of coursework I may not still be thinking that!


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