Posted by: bevmeldrum | January 31, 2008

Going from Good to Great – Culture of Discipline

Photo by Andrey ProkhorovThe last but one concept in Collin’s research is that of a Culture of Discipline. He suggests that

“the purpose of bureaucracy is to compensate for incompetence and lack of discipline – a problem that largely goes away if you have the right people on the bus in the first place.”

He suggests it is a downward spiral with the good people not being attracted to come and work with your organisation because of all the bureaucracy, which then means you have a higher percentage of the wrong people, which in turns leads to more bureaucracy etc etc.

However, lets face it social enterprises and other Third Sector organisations are not known for their bureaucracy. However, it is still a valid point and something we need to consider.

Often when we have the wrong people on the bus we have a tendency to just do nothing about it.

We may complain to others around us about how difficult they are to work with and how they don’t do what we need them to do. However, we often just sit it out until they leave.

If we are going to become great organisations we need to ensure that we have the right people on the bus – self-disciplined people that will achieve what they are there to do, people who don’t need to be surrounded by bureaucracy to force them to get their stuff done. And, we need to let those who just aren’t the right people for our organisations find somewhere where they can shine and be the right person on the right bus.


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