Posted by: bevmeldrum | January 9, 2008

Making Time to Plan

One of the common New Year’s resolutions I often hear is that people want more time, and have been known to make myself, is to make more time. Maybe more time for ourselves, or to spend with our family or partner, or maybe more time spent on studies.

For anyone already running a social enterprise one thing we often wish for is more time to plan and think strategically about the business. As soon as we get back to work after the holidays it’s straight back into the manic-ness and suddenly there’s not enough time to do anything.

One of the most important things I have learnt over the last couple of years is the importance of making time. If I don’t make time to spend thinking about my business then I am going to get so caught up in the day-to-day tasks I will never get around to it.

The Fresh Thinking Business blog did an interesting post on ways to find time to plan. I particularly like the idea of No. 6 – particularly if the destination is a hot and sunny one!

The 10 Ways To Find Time to Plan –

Daydream – lean back, close your eyes and imagine your enterprise.

Ask your family – parents, partners and even our children have a knack of knowing us better than we think.

3. Check your diary – book planning time into your calendar and stick to it.

Break a leg – a bit drastic but it would force you to stop and chill out for a bit.

5. Lose the phone – try switching your phone off while you are travelling or sitting in a coffee shop – a great time to daydream about your enterprise.

6. Indulge your partner – book that dream activity holiday and then while you sit in the bar reflecting, planning and thinking, your partner can be skiing, diving or climbing and warming to the idea!

Walk the dog – early walks are, according to Fresh Thinking Busiess, a good thing and fresh air with help you get creative.

8. Ask the boss – talk to your boss about working different hours or reducing your hours so you can work on your enterprise idea.

Paint the house – decorating will give you more time confined to one room, free of cerebral distraction.

10. Wallow – a long soak in the bath, rather than a shower – don’t forget take a notebook with you to capture your ideas.

Read the complete post here.


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