Posted by: bevmeldrum | December 13, 2007

5 Steps To Boost Your Productivity

One of the blogs that I subscribe to – ‘Dumb Little Man‘ – did a great post on 5 Simple Steps to Power Up Your Productivity

Summarised the steps are:

  1. check you energy – have a nap if you need it
  2. plan your day – either in the morning, or as I prefer to the end of the day before
  3. get a timer – download one, use a watch or your mobile
  4. set your time to go off in 30 minute intervals – when it goes off stop, do something different for a few minutes, review your last 30 minutes and then set your timer for another 30 minutes and get back to work
  5. have a strategy for distractions and interruptions – plan what you will say before it happens

It was good for me to read this post – it’s all stuff I do – some of it more regularly than others.

For me I’ve found that setting my timer for 48 minutes works best – I then spend 12 minutes doing something completely different and not work related. I work from home so I tend to do things like put the washing on, tidy up, clean (that happens less often!). At the end of my 12 minutes I set the timer again and get back into work.

I was a bit wary of taking so many breaks in the day – I had always just worked straight through often, not even stopping for lunch. However, since doing this I have found that actually I am less tired, I can actually get more done in the time and I have energy left at the end of the day so that I can have a life outside of work.


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