Posted by: bevmeldrum | November 5, 2007

Common Questions About Business Plans – How Do I Make It Stand Out?

Don’t be afraid to be creative. Once your Business Plan is written, it is time to present it, in such a way that it will stand out amongst the pile of 100 other Business Plans on a funder’s desk.

The first thing to do is to format your text. If you can afford it, use a designer. If not, look at other Business Plans or reports that you think are well formatted and copy their ideas.

Do not use clip art – it is never a good idea. Instead, use pictures. These can be photos of your organisation at work or relevant photos from websites such as iStockphoto1. If you do not think you are particularly creative give someone who is a copy of your Business Plan and get them to choose some pictures for you.

Once it is formatted and the images have been included the next thing to do is to get it bound. Try to avoid stapling it together; instead take a trip to a local printers and for a couple of pounds you can get your Business Plan bound properly with a plastic cover – it makes a huge difference.

Another thing to think about is whether you present your Business Plan in a way that relates to your business. For example, if you provide recycled stationery products you could print the Business Plan using your products.

At The Tool Factory we have developed Business Plan Writer: Social Enterprise Version, a piece of software that makes writing your Business Plan a quicker process and provides support throughout the process. When we wrote our Business Plan we did so on our software, so that we could demonstrate how well the software works.

There are plenty of other opportunities for you to make your Business Plan stand out – be creative, get your team or friends and family involved and see what you can come up with.


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