Posted by: bevmeldrum | October 11, 2007

Making The Most of Your Time

I spent much of this morning on buses on the way to a meeting, which was then cancelled once I got there. So then it was more buses on the way back to the office.

What was good was that when I got back it didn’t feel like a wasted trip at all. I had got quite a bit of reading done while I was on the bus (Marcus Buckingham’s ‘Go Put Your Strengths To Work‘) and spent some useful time thinking through some ideas for a couple of new projects I am working on.

I am the sort of person who gets very frustrated when I feel I have wasted time. So much so, that when I go to the cinema on my own, which I really enjoy doing (as much as I enjoy going with other people) I always take a notebook with me.

Sitting in the cinema before the film starts I find can be a really creative time and I’ve had some great ideas in those 10 minutes before the lights go down.

So when I came across Scott Young’s blog entry on ’15 ways to squeeze the most from 15 minutes’ I was intrigued. You can read it here.

Some of the other things that I do that I would add to his list of things are:

  • listen to a podcast
  • play a game with the dog
  • put the washing on
  • do a random google search, just for fun
  • look through one of your photos folder to relive some great moments


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