Posted by: bevmeldrum | October 10, 2007

Mobile Working

I just don’t like those adverts on tv that try to tell us that working anywhere, 24 hours a day is a good thing.

Do you know the ones I mean? There’s one for a cold & flu remedy that suggests by taking the tablets we can get back to work so that we don’t lose the edge against our co-workers. Or the mobile phone advert that suggests by having internet/email access on our mobile means that our personal time can be more fulfilling.

Despite the fact that I don’t like the pressure on individuals to work all hours of the day and respond to emails at weekends, I admit I do like the freedom that mobile working gives.

I spend a lot of time on trains, or having time to kill whilst I’m waiting for a meeting (I like to arrive early). And when we went touring round the highlands of Scotland for 3 weeks I really did feel like I couldn’t just disappear for 3 weeks – the business is relatively new and at such an important stage that I just didn’t feel I could do it. I also find that I can be much more creative outside of the office – working in a coffee shop or in the park for example.

So I needed a solution that would enable me to work where I wanted.

So I decided to do three things.

1. buy a new laptop that didn’t take 25 minutes to load (no…really)

I spend so much time working off my laptop I was finding that using such a slow machine was really impacting how productive I could be. My new Macbook (yes I have made the switch from a PC to a MAC … and quite painlessly too) is fast and it was cheaper than equivalent laptop PCs too.

2. switch my emails off on my mobile phone so I could choose when to check them rather than it being a constant stream

More on this tomorrow. It wasn’t as easy as I’d thought.

3. get a contract with Vodafone for a usb 3g modem

This is great. You can connect anywhere. Whilst driving around the highlands, from Inverness all round the coast up to John O’Groat, across to Durness and down the west coast to Ullapool I only found one place I couldn’t get a connection. The speed outside of 3G areas is reminiscent of dial-up but it works. To give you an example … here is one of the places I stopped off to do some work.

Loch Maree, Scotland, UK


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