Posted by: bevmeldrum | September 27, 2007

Getting Things Done – Part 3 of 3

One of the other key concepts of the GTD methodology is that of the ‘next action’.

David Allen suggests that one of the reasons our task lists often don’t work is that items on it aren’t actually tasks but projects (GTD defines a project as anything that requires more than one action).

A task on our list such as ‘sort out garage’ is an easy thing to put off (it’s been on my list for 3 months) – where do I start? But by changing that ‘task’ to the actual next action I need to take such as ‘fill boot of car with cardboard for the dump’ becomes much more achievable.

Once I’ve done that task I decide what my ‘next action’ is going to be – it just makes the whole thing a lot more manageable.

If you think any of these ideas make some sense to you have a go, read the ‘Getting Things Done’ book and give it go. It might work for you.


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