Posted by: bevmeldrum | September 13, 2007

Regular Is Better Than Good

One of the first things I learnt about marketing was that regular marketing is key – it is in fact more important than good marketing. If you can do both – regular and good then you have truly succeeded.The first thing to realise is that the more your potential clients, or prospects, see your information the more you will become part of their consciousness. Go and look in your fridge at some of the major brand labels – I bet that not only do you know their names but you remember the adverts or can have a pretty good guess at their core values. How do you know them so well – from years and years of seeing them around.

If people keep seeing your name and your publicity then eventually that will seep into their brains and they will begin to remember you and what you do.

Good marketing is important too. However, if I spend my entire budget on one big marketing push this year I will soon be forgotten. If people do not keep seeing your name crop up it doesn’t matter how good your marketing is it just won’t last. I could have sent out a free email newsletter once a month and achieved considerably more than spends thousands on one campaign.

Of course, I would encourage good marketing not just regular marketing but regular is a good start.


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