Posted by: bevmeldrum | September 12, 2007

Targetting Your Marketing

One of things I mentioned in the post on marketing yesterday is targetting your marketing and I want to focus a bit more on that today.

If you think about how you respond to marketing you will begin to see why targetting can be so effective. Think about all of the email newsletters you receive, for example. If you are like me you have a wide range of newsletters that fall into your inbox every month, many of which will be on the same topic.

In the last week I have received three different email newsletters about pets. Now I am a dog person but I just don’t do cats. Therefore the ones that I will spend longer looking at will be the ones that are all about dogs. If any of the newsletters have stories relating to cats I am just not interested and either I will spend less time looking at it, or heaven forbid if it leads with a cat story I will just delete it without even opening it.

I guess a lot of us are like that and I think many of your customers and supporters will be the same.

To give you an example from my business some of our customers as CVSs (Councils For Voluntary Services) and some are individual social entrepreneurs. Now if our latest newsletter goes out and leads on a story about bulk sales discounts on our Business Planning software available to CVSs that is going to be of little interest to the individual social entrepreneur. They may delete our newsletter immediately without even bothering to read the rest of the stories. They may also be less likely to read our newsletter next time it appears in their inbox.

What if we split our database of contacts into two separate lists and created two newsletters (with similar information on it, only tweaked for two different audiences) – one of each. Suddenly then, two sets of customers are receiving newsletters targetted specifically at them. It doesn’t involve much extra work but the affects should be noticeable.

Of course, you could then take it to the nth degree and have a separate newsletter for each sub-section of customer. Only you will know whether or not it is worth it. But if you find yourself with twenty different newsletters going out you might want to re-think targetting your business at a more specific customer base – otherwise you could just spend your entire life just writing newsletters which sort of defeats the purpose of being a social entrepreneur.


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