Posted by: bevmeldrum | September 7, 2007

Fridays Are Different – Kibble Education and Care Centre

Kibble is a fantastic organisation in Paisley, Scotland. Founded in 1857 by a charitable bequest from Miss Elizabeth Kibble,  the Kibble Centre is now the largest multi-service centre in the United Kingdom specialising in work with young people at risk, and provides a comprehensive range of education, training and social welfare services.

They have an impressive range of services including non-residential and residential education for young people, a secure residential centre, an enterprise and employment hub called Kibbleworks getting the young people into employment. They have also established a cluster of social enterprises that employ the young people and provide services and goods locally.

Alongside of this they have also set up a website full of social enterprise podcasts and they offer services for social enterprises that are looking to develop their own podcasts.

I have had the opportunity to go up to see the Kibble centre and do some training with their staff – they are great bunch and doing some amazing work. A fantastic example of social enterprise at work.

Learn more about Kibble here.


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