Posted by: bevmeldrum | September 3, 2007

Hurray It’s Monday Morning – Tips For Getting Up Early

I am definately a morning person. Once I’m awake, and that’s usually before 5:30am, I just can’t stay in bed I have to be up and doing things.

For the rest of planet that struggles to get up early in the morning Glen Stansberry at LifeRemix has some tips that might be useful. Three that caught my eye were:

  1. Plan your day the night before. Writing down all the big, important things you’ll be doing the next day give you the extra spring in your step to wake up early and quickly. If you’ve got a purpose, you’ve got a big reason to wake up.
  2. Use the extra time productively. – What’s the point of getting up a few hours earlier if you don’t do anything productive with the time? Your brain is pretty smart, and if it figures out that waking up earlier doesn’t really have any benefits, game over. There has to be a reason for getting up.
  3. Reward yourself. Don’t think for a second that the reasons for getting up have to be totally work-related. Remember waking up really early on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons? That’s right: motivation. Occasionally give yourself rewards to anticipate the next day. A favorite show, ice cream, your favorite breakfast… anything for you to look forward to.

Although I’m not sure I would want to eat ice cream that early in the morning but why not do something you enjoy that isn’t work that you wouldn’t have time to do during the day if you hadn’t have got up early.

Your read the rest of his post here.


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