Posted by: bevmeldrum | July 20, 2007

Friday’s Are Different – Your Ethical Business

Friday is a great day of the week. For most people it’s the last hurdle before the weekend. For me it’s a day off.

My husband is a vicar so he works Saturday and Sunday, so we have Fridays off. In our house Saturday and Sunday are work days – which is great for me as I can get on with different projects without the normal daily distractions of emails and phonecalls and I find it’s a great time to do some reading. But what we definately do is make sure we make the most of our day off.

So in honour of the weekend at ‘For More Than Profit’ Fridays will be different and will be dedicated to organisations or ideas I like.

Today’s resource I love is Paul Allen’s book ‘Your Ethical Business: How To Plan, Start and Succeed in a Company With a Conscience’. In this easy to read book Paul Allen gives a tonne of practical tips, case studies and tips throughout the book giving you the perfect resource for setting up a socially and environmentally responsible company. There is great advice throughout the book from people from the UK’s biggest ethical brands and a resource directory at the back.

For anyone whose company is already up and running this book does a great job suggesting ideas on how to make your business socially and environmentally responsible.

It’s definately worth a read and if you want your own copy you can get it here at The Tool Factory Shop –


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